Магазин работает в штатном режиме. Посылки отправляем в течение 1-2 рабочих дней. 
The store is operating normally. We ship your packages within 1-2 business days. Delivery of international parcels has significant delays. According to the Russian post parcel sent during the period of the pandemic are delivered by land. Many countries still have restrictions on air travel. Currently, we have started delivering parcels to Europe (a number of countries) , Hong Kong. Everything will get better soon.
Реплика - копия сделанная с оригинального холдера способом литья пластмасс. Реплика может быть выполнена из цветного пластика или дополнительно окрашена. 
Replica-a copy made from the original holder method of molding plastics. Replica can be made of colored plastic or additionally painted.

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